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Investor Relations.

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Ownership Structure

Type of Shareholder Structure No. of Persons No. of Shares Shareholding Percentage (%)
Government (state-owned) institutions 0 0 0.0000
Domestic financial institutions 8 8,208,000 1.4072
Domestic securities and investment trust funds 18 6,924,602 1.1872
Institutional investment in domestic companies 84 238,356,393 40.8652
Other institutional investment in Taiwan 9 14,230,177 2.4397
Overseas financial institutions 18 13,301,754 2.2805
Overseas institutional investments 141 118,674,527 20.3463
Overseas securities and investment trust funds 40 68,306,550 11.7109
Domestic investment as natural person 24,573 110,429,062 18.9326
Foreign investment as natural person 27 140,085 0.0240
Treasury stock 1 4,703,000 0.8063
Total (No. of Shareholders and Total No. of Outstanding Shares) 24,919 583,274,150 100
Directors, supervisors, managers, and shareholders holding more than 10% interests 13 201,659,806 34.5738

Related Party Relationship among Our 10 Largest Shareholders  PDF圖檔
  • Investor Relations Inquiry

    Spokesperson of Getac
    James Hwang/ Chairman

    Deputy spokesperson of Getac
    Irene Sun/Corporate Relations Office


    Investor Relations Manager
    Irene Sun/Corporate Relations Office

    Tel: 02-2785-7888
    Email: irene.sun@getac.com
    Address: 5F, No.209, Nangang Rd., Section 1, Taipei, Taiwan


    Stock Transfer Agent

    CTBC Bank
    Address: 5F., No.83, Sec. 1, Chongqing S. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

    Tel: 02-6636-5566
    Website: http://www.ctbcbank.com