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. Working At Getac

Getac Technology Corporation is a multi-national company that mainly operates a portable rugged computer brand, provides solutions for 3C plastic injection molding, and manufactures lightweight metal parts for automobiles and aerospace fasteners.
Getac has 20 production and sales locations with 8,282 employees around the world, generating NT$22.20 billion in revenue in 2017.


We cultivated an extraordinary R&D team based on innovation and technology, and developed unique differentiated technologies. We advocate an international culture of diversity that will elevate Getac to meet the standards of corporate customers around the world, and thereby establish Getac's leadership in each industry.


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    Global Vision Broad International Perspective

    As an international brand, Getac's products are sold across 80 countries around the world. Getac has sales locations in major countries in Europe, America, and the Asia-Pacific region for localized operations. We advocate a culture of diversity and openness, and encourage our employees to work closely with foreign clients so that they gain a broad international perspective

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    Cultivating5C1LTalent 5C1L Corporate Culture

    The technology industry is volatile and both companies and employees must be ever-changing. At Getac, we promote the 5C1L talent development plan to inspire employee's creativity, critical thinking, complex problem solving, communication, and collaboration abilities, as well as their leadership in attaining goals.

  • S trategy-guided, open Communication


    Strategy meetings are held semi-annually and attended by all employees. Supervisors of business units and functional units report the annual strategy to all employees, encouraging a company culture of openness, transparency, and communication, so that all employees clearly understand the company's direction and strategy for development and will collective work towards the same objective.

  • P rofessional training, happy learning


    We created an environment that encourages learning and allows employees to enjoy learning. A variety of learning methods are used for every employee of Getac to continue their growth at work and enrich themselves. Our competency training includes professional competency training, core competency training, and managerial competency training, and we also planned "energetic lectures" given by famous speakers invited to speak at the company. Foreign teachers are hired to interact with employees to create the best environment possible for learning foreign languages.

  • L ife counselor


    We care about the adaptability of every new employee of Getac, so every new employee will be accompanied by an exclusive counselor to provide necessary assistance and guidance at work or in life, helping new employees to quickly understand and adapt to the company culture and operations in an environment that is new to them.


Please feel free to contact us should you wish to know more about career opportunities at Getac!

Human Resource Department,  Email:hrd.taipei@getac.com.tw