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Making Strides in Sustainability

In 2019, the global economy was in a synchronized slowdown as a result of the US-China trade conflict. The number of trade barriers increased, and the supply chain exhibited a pattern of redeployment of manufacturing bases coupled with the contraction of key component suppliers. This has resulted in rising challenges for enterprises. The recent COVID-19 epidemic could lead to dropping consumer demand, which adds a layer of uncertainty to business operations in 2020.The Getac management embraces a spirit of dedication to ensure that the Company is fully prepared for all eventualities. It strives to boost corporate innovation and growth in line with long-term development strategies. In 2019, Getac actively pursued growth of all its product lines. Consolidated revenue hit a new high since 2007.

However, constant turmoil in international markets accentuates difficulties and highlights the importance of sustainable operations. The US Business Roundtable, composed of the CEOs of the 200 largest US enterprises, issued a joint “Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation”, which clearly states that businesses must consider the common benefits of “all stakeholders” including employees, consumers, and society in their decision-making processes. Enterprises have an inescapable duty to serve as the key promoters and pushers of sustainability.

Getac promotes sustainability by embracing the concepts of ethical corporate management, innovation value, green manufacturing, and coexistence and co-prosperity with society. The Company aims to incorporate the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) into its internal sustainability actions. It focuses on industry/infrastructure innovation, economic growth and creation of job opportunities, responsible consumption and production, and high-qualityeducation.
The goal is to ensure that the Company’s sustainability actions are in sync with international trends and that stakeholder rights and interests are protected in an optimal manner.

Looking back on 2019, Getac constantly perfected its board structure and functions to enhance its corporate governance, while improving its information disclosure. As a result, the Company moved up another bracket in this year’s Corporate Governance Evaluations of listed companies in Taiwan. The Company now ranks in the top 6-20% of all evaluated companies in Taiwan. RoE rates remained between 13% and 16% within the recent three years. In order to further enhance its information transparency, Getac utilized a greater number of images and charts in its communications with stakeholders.

In 2019, Getac was honored with a Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award (TCSA) - outstanding and a Sustainability Report Gold Award in recognition of its achievements. This signals the transformation of the Company into a leading enterprise in the field of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) in the electronics and information industry.

The Company is also firmly committed to the creation of a safe and harmonious work environment to optimize employee care and employer branding. We place high emphasis on talent cultivation, unlocking of employee potential, and innovation and value creation with the ultimate goal of increasing the sense of identification and attachment to the Company. In 2019, Getac Taiwan Headquarters was again honored with the Taiwan Best Employer award presented by HR Asia, an authoritative management magazine in Asia. The US Branch was selected for the list of Best Small & Medium Workplaces. The Kunshan Operation Base was recognized as one of the “Most Popular Employers Among College Students”. These awards and recognitions motivate us to continue our progress toward the creation of a blissful enterprise and a safe workplace.

In the field of environmental protection, Getac embraces responsible consumption and production concepts and promotes green design and manufacturing. The Company sets clear targets for the gradual reduction of energy intensity and GHG emission density. We aim to implement energy conservation and carbon reduction concepts in all our processes and adopt Green Molding process technology for all plastic mechanical plants. We also request all plants to increase their automation rates and thereby enhance their production efficiency. As a result of our constant efforts, we achieved carbon reductions equivalent to the annual carbon fixation amounts of around 27 Daan Parks. We have also achieved excellent results in the field of water resource utilization and increased our process water recycle rate to 97% in 2019.

We embrace a philosophy of giving back to society in a spirit of gratitude and harness core technologies in support of the Italian Marine Exploration Program. We also promote public welfare and assist schools in remote areas in digital learning initiatives. Charity organizations receive assistance in the promotion of relevant affairs and supply of daily necessities to show concern for those in need in every corner of the country.

In 2019, the Company celebrated its 30th anniversary. We continue to espouse the core values of “Embracing Challenge and Opening Up New Horizons” and encourage our employees to be boldly innovativein pursuit of a corporate spirit of excellence. In the foreseeable future, 5G and AI will turn into the main driving force of industrial development, which will generate numerous challenges and opportunities. Carbon reduction, sustainability, and circular economy concepts will be key links of corporate international competitiveness. Getac will continue to enhance its sustainability performance and leverage its core technologies for social welfare. The Company also contributes to joint efforts to build a better world.
James Hwang
Chairman of the Board &
Sustainability Development Committee Chairman
Getac Technology Corporation
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  • Getac Responds To SDGs, Joint Promotion Of A Sustainable Future

    Getac Responds To SDGs, Joint Promotion Of A Sustainable Future

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