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Care for Environment, Sustainable Recycling
Getac has set the Company's environmental policy with the goal of “Care for Environment, Sustainable Recycling”, clearly set for cherishing the earth's resources, complying with national environmental laws and regulations. Getac is committed to promoting green production, fulfilling our responsibility to protect the earth, through standard operation procedures; we include water resources management, energy management, waste water, waste, and air pollution prevention in our daily management.

All Getac's factories scrupulously abide by the environmental laws and regulations of the plant locations, and all factories have obtained the environmental management system certification of ISO14001 or the same level, and all plants have completed the new version certification of ISO14001:2015 at the end of 2019.
Energy Saving And Carbon Reduction
We began by promoting energy conservation and carbon reduction in our manufacturing processes. In 2018, Getac's plants consumed a total of 800,530 GJ.  The Getac Plastic Business Group specializes in the development of diversified process and new material applications. The Getac Technology R&D team exclusively developed a “Green Molding” technology by relying on its profound experience in plastic molding accumulated over many years. A series of experiments wereconducted, and the plant was remodeled. The team explored how to reduce heat dissipation and energy consumption of injection molding equipment and thereby decrease workshop temperatures and air conditioning energy consumption. In 2019, Green Molding technology generated energy savings of 4,453 MWh.

Environmental Performace

Water Resource Management
The 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda passed by the United Nations will also set the: “Ensure that all people have access to water and health facilities of sustainable management.” as the key agenda. Based on a philosophy of cherishing global resources, Getac is firmly determined to use every drop of water to maximum effect.  Getac continues to invest in process water recycling equipment to conserve water resources  and ensure constant recycling and reuse. Water reclamation performance is reviewed on a regular basis. In 2019, the total quantity of reclaimed water reached 17,096 million liters. Reclaimed water accounted for around 97% of the total water consumption.
Energy, Emission and Water data of each site*
Content Unit 2017 2018 2019
Energy       Total Energy Consumption GJ 687,216 726,107 833,530
Energy Intensity GJ per US$1,000 1.023 0.977 1.054
Emission Total Greenhouse Gas Emissions Metric tons of CO2e 96,499 99,923 114,664
Scope 1 Metric tons of CO2e 10,426 10,678 12,039
 Scope 2 Metric tons of CO2e 86,073 89,245 102,623
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Intensity Metric tons of CO2e per US$1,000 0.144 0.134 0.145
Water Water Withdraw Megaliter 597.9 569.6 640.3
Water Discharge Megaliter 454.7 275.0 423.7
Water Consumption Megaliter 143.2 294.6 216.6
Water Intensity Water Withdraw
Megaliter/ per US$1M
0.89 0.77 0.81
Water recycling rate ** 89% 91% 97%

*  The boundary of the Report encompasses Getac Technology Corporation HQ(Getac Linkou included), System Product manufacturing site (Getac Kunshan), Combo Mechanical Solution manufacturing sites (MPT Kunshan, MPT Suzhou, MPT Vietnam), and Automotive Mechanical Solution manufacturing sites (Getac Changshu, Getac Vietnam). The scope of disclosure already covers more than 91% of the company's consolidated revenue. 
** Amount of water recycled/ (Amount of water recycled+ Amount of water withdrawed)

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    Getac Responds To SDGs, Joint Promotion Of A Sustainable Future

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