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Excellent Employer Brand
Getac firmly believes that talent is one of the keys to corporate growth. A sense of well-being and achievement can effectively unlock the productive potential and creative energy of employees and thereby enhance the Company’s overall competitiveness and combat strength. In recent years, Getac has placed increasing emphasis on enhancing the quality of its training courses to provide its employees with more diversified opportunities for learning and growth. The Company employs strategic leadership and sound performance appraisal and remuneration systems to foster a sense of identification with the Company on the part of its employees. On the other hand, Getac has also adopted various welfare measures to show concern for the physical and mental health of its employees and thereby boost employee satisfaction levels.

In 2019, Getac was again honored with the Taiwan Best Employer award presented by HR Asia.  The US Branch was again selected for the list of Best Small & Medium Workplaces in the US (Great Place to Work). The MPT Kunshan Plant was recognized as one of the “Most Popular Employers Among College Students” due to its intensive industry-academia exchanges and its efforts to attract and cultivate talent through different means in cooperation with the Xian Aeronautical Polytechnic Institute, the Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute, and the Changsha’s Hunan Biological and Electromechanical Polytechnic Institute.
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  • An Equal And Harmonious Workplace: With our people-centric approach, Getac endeavors to provide employees with a safe and friendly workplace. The company prohibits unequal treatment, discrimination, sexual harassment, and workplace bullying, and guarantees proper work hour management and protection of labor rights.
  • Labor Practices: Employee work hour management and salary payments are in line with or better than regulatory standards and are subject to the inspection and supervision of competent authorities.
  • Protect labor rights: Getac's production bases have all established union groups or labor management meetings in accordance with national laws, in order to promote formal dialogs between employers and employees through a collective bargaining mechanism. Around 80.44% of Getac employees are currently covered by collective agreements.
  • Equal Job And Promotion Opportunities: With respect to employment and promotion, we hold to being fair and objective, taking into consideration individual competence, diversity, and localization when hiring or recruiting talented individuals. We also promote local economic development and employment opportunities, so as to provide everyone with equal career development opportunities. Due to adjustments of global manpower resources in 2019, the ratio of locally hired supervisors was 66.79%, which represents a slight drop by 2.35% compared to the previous year.
  • Balancing Employees' Physical And Mental Health: In order to promote the balance of employees' physical and mental health, the Staff Welfare Committee established the Social Club Application and Subsidy Regulations, allowing employees to submit applications to set up social clubs, upon the condition that 12 employees have agreed to join the club. In 2018, organized foosball competitions, table tennis matches, soccer matches and other sports events were organized to encourage employees to participate and there are Dragon Boat Festival packing rice dumpling, Winter Solstice rice ball and other festival celebration activities, expecting employees to relieve their work pressure and maintain their physical and mental health through participating in those activities.
  • Freedom of Association: The Staff Welfare Committee has adopted the Social Club Application and Subsidy Regulations, which is disclosed on the company’s internal portal. A social club may be established if it involves legit leisure, cultural, and entertainment activities participated by 12 or more employees to encourage employees to keep fit and balance their work and leisure life.

Employee Grievance Channel & Sexual Harassment Grievance Channel
       Taiwan: HQ Grievance Channel
                     HQ Sexual Harassment Grievance Channel
        China : Speakout.kshr@mpt-solution.com.cn
                     Getac Perspective WeChat Platform
        Vietnam: President’s Email Box

Salary and Benefits
  • Compensation System: Empoyee remunerations are based on laws and regulations stipulated in Taiwan and China. Salary standards and extent of adjustments are not influenced by gender, race, religion, political affiliation, marital status, and union membership. The Remuneration Committee periodically participates in salary surveys to examine the association between employees’ salary and welfare measures and those of the market. Every year, employee bonus is appropriated according to the company’s business performance and is subject to the approval of the Board of Directors and resolution at the shareholders’ meeting. These measures are expected to attract, retain, and motivate outstanding employees.
  • Wefare System: Comprehensive welfare measures are provided and arranged by the Welfare Committee. For employees working in Taiwan headquarters, the benefits include labor and health insurance, maternity and paternity leaves (or parental care leave), group insurance, birthday and festive gifts, club funding, employee travel subsidies, employee canteen, gym, English course subsidies, and breastfeeding room. These benefits are superior to the requirements set by the Labor Standards Act. To boost employees' relations with their families and children, movie screenings are held every quarter and employees' families are encouraged to participate. Kunshan employees are entitled to maternity and paternity leaves, leave for female employees to breastfeed their babies at home, and various social insurance protection in accordance with local laws and regulations. In addition to employee travel subsidies and birthday gifts, allowances based on employees' job position are also provided.
  • Parental Care Leave: The Company has complied with the Act of Gender Equality in Employment and formulated the Regulations for Implementing Unpaid Parental Leave for Raising Children, which state that employees with one year or more of work experience at Getac can apply for a maximum of 2 years of unpaid parental care leave before their children turn three years-old. After the completion of their unpaid parental care leave, Getac will arrange for them to be reinstated and update them on the company's latest happenings.
  • Retirement Plan: Retirement applications and approvals are based on the Labor Standard Act and the Labor Pension Act. In pursuant to relevant regulations, Getac files report and contributes pension to dedicated pension account of the Bank of Taiwan (applicable to the old pension system) or employees’ personal pension account (applicable to the new pension system).
Training and Talent Fostering

In line with the latest trends in the field of AI and the Company’s digital transformation strategy,  talent cultivation is constantly fostered and employees are provided with much needed new skills for the age of intelligent technologies through a two-pronged approach of “professional and soft power.”In the field of professional competence training, the Company organized a total of 46 technology, project management, and legal compliance related forums and lectures in 2019.  

In 2019, Getac Technology Corp. employees received an average of 70 hours of education and training. Direct employees were trained for 73.7 hours, and indirect employees were trained for 63.8 hours without significant changes compared with that of in 2018. For the managerial employees, strengthen the guidance of mid to senior level managers in improving their professional competence to respond to the Company's five-year development plan, so the total annual average annual training hours increased by about 15 hours to 63.6 hours.

142bd88bcd6799f9074cc1c5fb04015bA Healthy And Safe Workplace
Protecting the occupational health and safety of employees is the basic responsibility required of a corporation. Safety first and cautious protection are our core values. All production bases have incorporated the OHSAS 18001 occupational safety certification management system, which defines clear regulations for operation practices that employees are to observe. These include labor management procedures, an environmental safety and health handbook, health regulations, and occupational illness prevention regulations, thereby providing a comprehensive set of measures aimed at protecting the health and safety of our employees. New employees of the plants are required to participate in the trainings of occupational safety, hazard, prevention courses, for the new employees failed the tests, they cannot complete the recruitment procedure.

Getac's management target is to achieve zero deaths and occupational illnesses. We continue to implement workplace health and safety management practices in the hope that all of our employees can work happily and return home safely. The disabling injury frequency rate (IR) was 0.201 (per 200,000 hours of work), which is lower than the occupational injury rate 0.203 of previous year.

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  • Getac Responds To SDGs, Joint Promotion Of A Sustainable Future

    Getac Responds To SDGs, Joint Promotion Of A Sustainable Future

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