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Caring for Disadvantaged Groups
Everyone can make key contributions to building a better world. We firmly believe that unlimited possibilities can be unlocked by providing opportunities and eliminating obstacles facing underprivileged groups.

Save the Children DonationScreenshot_2
Coronavirus is the biggest global health, social and economic crisis of our lifetime and is tearing children's lives apart. The pandemic has widened existing inequalities, with girls and poorer children being hit hardest. Getac EMEA offices initiated to support the renowned non-profit organization Save The Children, a charity whose mission to aid children in need is close to our hearts.  Our company donation will go towards their #COVID19 project, which focuses on children’s mental health, infection prevention, and homeschooling during these difficult times.

More information about Save The Children COVID 19 project

Getac Charity Fund 
Getac espouses a spirit of “giving back to society in a spirit of gratitude”. The board of directors therefore earmarks part of the Company’s profits for the “Getac Charity Trust Fund”. In 2019, total expenditures amounted to NT$ 2.615 million.
In 2019, we provided assistance for financially challenged students to enable them to pursue their studies or purchased daily necessities for them in the context of the “Dreams Come True” Program. We also support different NGOs in their efforts to provide assistance for the physically and mentally handicapped in the context of community care activities. Finally, we join hands with the Italian government, Microsoft, and relevant research units in the promotion of the “Wonderful” marine sustainability program. Getac provides rugged computer solutions to assist the research team in the exploration of Italian marine ecosystems.

The Getac Charity Trust Fund cooperates with different NGOs and schools by contributing its professionalism and resources to provide support to those in need in every corner of society and convert these efforts into a motor for social progress.
"Dreams Come True” Program Care For Local Communities Compassionate sharing
  • Tzu Chi University – Grants for financially challenged students (quota of 6) in northern Thailand
  • Donation of sneakers and winter clothing for 60 financially challenged students at Quaker Care Center for underprivileged families in Huilong and support for organizational development
  • Support for the organizational development of “Taiwan Mennonite New Dawn Educare Center” and provision of assistance for mentally challenged citizens and their families.
  • Blind Education Concerns Association of Taipei – Support for organizational development and provision of educational assistance for visually impaired children and their families
  • Support for the “Food for Love” Program
  • The Kunshan Plant Employee Welfare Committee donated daily necessities and staff members spontaneously formed volunteer teams to show concern and organize activities for children in the Kunshan City Welfare Hospital.

Transformation Of Education In Remote Areas4d0e69d85b53715781b1deede4f8873b

Since its inception in 2009, the Getac Charity Trust Fund has constantly contributed funds in support of rural education. The Company aims to guarantee equal rights to education for children in remote areas through different means. Investigations are conducted to gain a deeper understanding of their problems. We strive to give them help and hope to enable them to perceive the support and encouragement from society.

We aim to infuse resources in a systematic manner to bridge the digital learning gap and stimulate the learning interest of students. As of 2018, Getac management delegations visit different towns and villages to engage in dialogs with primary and secondary schools and educational groups to gain a better understanding of their needs. These dialogs focus on the ability of cooperating schools to provide their students with required hard- and software facilities and the ability of the school faculty to implement digital education programs.

Due to the fact that each school receives a different amount of donations and application fields are different, Getac must devise customized programs that are tailored to the needs of each school and thereby assist schools in the integration and allocation of hard- and software resources. In the future, digital platforms will allow teachers to provide personal guidance and remedial education to students who face difficulties in their studies after classes by relying on related equipment. In addition to educational materials, digital platforms also provide interactive post-class tests to help students overcome learning obstacles.

In 2018, the Company assisted three schools in Hualien County (Yuli Junior High, Huaren Junior High, and Zhongyuan Elementary) in setting up digital learning platforms which were very positively received by students and faculty members. In 2019, the Company continued to assist the Affiliated Junior High School of Yuanli Senior High School and Gongguan Junior High School in Miaoli County in the integration of hard- and software to promote digital learning for the benefit of a rising number of students.
Cultivating Industrial Experts
Getac also encourages young entrepreneurs to make investments in the industry and give free rein to their creative energy to transform their brilliant inspiration into concrete programs. As of 2003, Getac participates “Y.S. Award” competitions in cooperation with affiliated enterprises. These competitions serve as a catalyst for the fusion of creative concepts and industry capabilities. Winners receive cash prizes to help them realize their dreams.

In addition, Getac provides internship opportunities in Taiwan and overseas areas (quotas vary from year to year) to encourage students to gain a better understanding of practical operations through first-hand experiences and thereby enable them to identify their future career paths. These internships last between 3-6 months and include allowances and flight insurance. They aim to give students an opportunity to gain practical experience in different units in accordance with their academic fields and required skills. Interns are assigned local mentors (HR and work tasks) and have monthly appointments with the local HR supervisor who determines their learning conditions and provides assistance as required. Upon completion of their internships, students may be offered a position depending on their performance and personal preferences.

In 2019, 5 students enrolled in electronic or mechanical engineering departments at National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences, National Formosa University, and Lunghwa University of Science and Technology completed internships in the Automation Center and Automatic Control Technology Division of the MPT Kunshan Plant.

Y.S. Award
Getac and affiliated companies Getac and its affiliated enterprises organized the annual “Y.S. Award” competition 17 consecutive times, encouraging young students to put their creativity into practice.

In this age of revolutionary new technologies and industry transformations, knowledge knows no borders. In addition to professional competency, cross-disciplinary skills are a basic requirement and global trend. Maybe you will be making a living as a programmer and YouTuber or as a designer and storeowner. We will have diversified lifestyles and multiple identities. Interdisciplinary abilities are a basic prerequisite for competitiveness on the job market and cross-disciplinary talent is absolutely imperative for the slash life in this age. The theme of this year’s competition was “Explore Interdisciplinary”. Talented participants from the fields of technological innovation, social engagement, environmental sustainability, cultural values, life aesthetics, design and media practice, software convergence, industrial design, and media of had to develop slash thinking, interdisciplinary cooperation, and innovative competence and explore man-machine values and positioning. The ultimate goal was to open up new opportunities in the fields of innovative design and digital creation and jointly build a good life for all humans.


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    Getac Responds To SDGs, Joint Promotion Of A Sustainable Future

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