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To implement CSR and integrate the needs and expectations of shareholders into Getac’s CSR policies, the company sets up diverse range of communication channels for stakeholders to communicate CSR-related issues concerning the dimensions of environment, society, and corporate governance. Meanwhile, stakeholder opinions were compiled to provide a reference for developing or revising CSR policies.

Stakeholders Issues Of Concerns Communication Channels Frequency Getac's Response Methods
Employees Intellectual Property Right Performance appraisal Annually Setup different types of communication channels to listen to the voices of employees; implement comprehensive performance evaluation system to facilitate communication among management levels.
Occupational Health & Safety Internal announcement immediately
Child labor Employee meeting Annually
Environmental/Social/Economic Compliance Labor management meeting/supervisor meeting/training periodically
Information Security & Customer Privacy Education & Training periodically
  Employee consultation mailbox
Organization Development Center
Andy Lin
Customers /Distributors Corporate governance、Transparency Of Information Customer service section on corporate website  immediately
  • Customer service hotline and mailbox 
  • Hold partner conference
  • Auditing conducted by customers on Getac following the RBA
  • Regularly conduct customer satisfaction survey
  • Questionnaire survey on CSR-related issues
Intellectual Property Right Non-disclosure agreement immediately
Customer health and safety Telephone customer service
Training & education Channel partner conference  periodically
Child labor Consumer service mailbox 
Roselyn Kao
Global Customer Service Center
Suppliers Economic Performance Supplier visit     immediately
  • Questionnaire survey on CSR-related issues
    Supplier signs procurement contract
  • Annual supplier ESG Self-evaluation system
Information Security & Customer Privacy Supplier procurement contract immediately
Intellectual Property Right Supplier audit platform Annually
Environmental/Social/Economic Compliance Supplier query mailbox 
Joseph Tseng
Purchasing Center
Corporate governance、Transparency Of Information      
Shareholders Corporate governance、Transparency Of Information Shareholders' meeting
/ Investor conference
  • Announce financial information according to law
  • Investor zone on corporate website
  • Annual report disclosure
  • Designated personnel respond to investors' inquiries
Economic Performance Corporate website Market Observation post system immediately
Intellectual Property Right Market Observation post system immediately
Operational risk management Investor query mailbox/ Hotline
Irene Sun
Corporate Relations Office
Environmental/Social/Economic Compliance    
Media Economic Performance News releases immediately
Corporate governance、Transparency Of Information Press conferences periodically Establishment of a spokesperson and acting spokesperson system and dedicated PR units to ensure clear communication of key information pertaining to the Company
Environmental/Social/Economic Compliance Spokesperson interviews immediately
Operational risk management Posting of information on the corporate website immediately
Anti-competitive Behavior Acting spokesperson of Getac 
Irene Sun
Environmental/Social/Economic Compliance Official documents  immediately
  • Comply and communicate relevant matters.
  • Participate in governmental regulatory meetings to understand implementation of laws and regulations
  • Participate in courses by Taiwan stock exchang                                           
Corporate governance、Transparency Of Information Regulatory meetings and training periodically
Operational risk management Seminars periodically
Energy & Water Government contact mailbox
Legal Affairs
Materials & product energy -saving    

CSR Contact Information

We sincerely welcome any suggestions regarding this Report.
Irene Sun
tel: +886-2-2785-7888#5124
email: getac.csr@getac.com.tw


  • CSR Questionnaire

  • Getac Responds To SDGs, Joint Promotion Of A Sustainable Future

    Getac Responds To SDGs, Joint Promotion Of A Sustainable Future

  • We sincerely welcome any suggestions regarding this Report.

    Irene Sun
    Corporation Relations Office
    Email: Getac.csr@getac.com.tw

  • Irregular Business Conduct Reporting

    Lisa Kung
    Director of Auditing Office
    Email: gtcaudit@getac.com.tw